SJJIF WORLDS Training camp 2016

Welcome top our Second Annual Training Camp in Corona, Califonia for the Sport Jiu Jitsu Internatial Federation Worlds Tournament. 

jiu jitsu training camp

Camp Members arriving to the venue for the 2016 SJJIF BJJ Worlds championship

I can only speak for myself but it was great to see how much people improved from the last camp we had in October 2015 in Corona,CA. Rolling with the same guys again you could feel the improvements most of them had made in the months in between the camps.

One highlight for me was to see so many camp members in the podium at the SJJIF Worlds Tournament. Super happy everyone did so well.

The regular schedule was 2 houres  in the morning, 2 classes in the afternoon. We also had the chance to have on the camp a #JIUJITSUCONNECTION Event where the founders (Prof. Beto Vilanova, Prof. Erik Klinger, Prof. Renan Vital & Prof. Juan P. Garcia) and their students got to get together for a massive training before the competiton, this was great to get all the competitors ready to compete.

Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Corona

Jiu Jitsu connection 2016 black belts at ptt corona

We had a great event in our 2016 Training Camp, Lots of black Belts on the mats for a 2 hours sparring session with all CAMP Members and #JIUJITSICONNECTION members. 

jiu jitsu classes in corona

No politic - no drama 

While, Southern California is a hub for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, it has many affiliations, teams, and lineages and the art has become very divided. The “us vs them” mentality is not healthy for the BJJ community as a whole.

Jiu Jitsu Connection and our Camp is not part of any organization or affiliation so is completely unaffected by BJJ political BS. No matter who you train with or your rank, you will be welcomed as an equal on the mats.


Training Camp Recap