Instructors Certification Chile Was A Success

Pacific Top Team Jiu Jitsu Santiago, Chile new Coaches!

Pacific Top Team Jiu Jitsu Santiago, Chile new Coaches!

Big congrats to everyone who just finish the 2017 Escuela De Jiu Jitsu Instructors Certification. Very happy and excited to see everyone so involve and so dedicated, we appreciate your commit to improve not just in BJJ but in your communication as instructors. Our goal is to make BJJ more than a fighting sport, we want to give to the sport and make our instructors professionals who make the week stronger and learn to support and communicate to who needs the martial arts the most. Our competitors are a big part of the team and with out professional coaching is like running blind with out direction, we learn to set goals, reachable goals ensure the progress. This and more you can find at you can apply and stay updated for next courses and events. 

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Certified Successful Academy


Juan Garcia

Learn from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu II Degree Black Belt Professor Juan Pablo Garcia! This gentlemen have over 20 years of experience, He helped develop BJJ in Latin America, has traveled for many years teaching classes and seminars, competing, and training all over the world in countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany and throughout the USA.! Whether you are looking to learn self defense, lose weight, or compete in Martial Arts, Professor Garcia have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Be part of the evolution of Martial Arts in Corona and Inland Empire as you train in our cutting edge systems of martial arts!