Basic Instructor Training Course!

The basic instructor training course has been carefully developed to teach those wishing to enter into an adult training environment, the basic teaching skills necessary to become an instructor/trainer.

Learning the basic fundamental teaching skills is the first step in building a successful career as an instructor. The course focuses on teaching and helping you develop those basic skills and knowledge expected of an instructor.

Basic Instructor Training Course Objectives!

The basic instructor training course has been designed to provide those attending with the basic teaching skills needed to function as a basic entry level 1 instructor. The course will also provide those attending a thorough overview of the current methods and theories of training developments and instructional techniques used in COACHING and industry.

Who should attend? All those wish to enter into the world of training and coaching all levels of adults in  FITNESS - MARTIAL ARTS.

Objectives: At the end of this course the attendees will have a working knowledge of the basic requirements to:

  • SAFETY: Emergency Procedures - Proper Warm Ups and stretching - Recognizing bad situations - Level of contact in Sparring - Injuries and what to do.

  • PEDAGOGY - MOTIVATING STUDENTS: Method and practice of teaching - Teaching strategies - Learning Styles - Psychology.

  • LESSON PLANS CURRICULUM: Class structure - Following curriculum - Formalities and Etiquette.

  • Build and maintain good presentation skills.

  • Define evaluation and testing methods.

  • Plan, develop, and write lesson plans curriculum.

The course of instruction will be an instructor-led presentation, with learner’s involvement and participation being the key method of learning used throughout the training session. instructors will be provided with a certificate that is valid for a year.

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Coach Abraham Rosales
— Owner/Head Instructor Escuela De Jiu Jitsu

Coach Gina Zika
— Pacific Top Team Blue Belt
Corona, USA

Coach Kimberly Bowser
— Women Only BJJ & Kids Head Coach PTT
Corona, USA