Chile training camp

Welcome to our Second Annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp in Santiago, Chile  

jiu jitsu training camp

Our Second Jiu Jitsu Camp in Chile was going on for a week in Santiago Chile Next to the BJJ Camp there was also our first Instructor Course going on.  No politics, just quality BJJ to improve and  have fun together!!! On this camp we had 2 international instructors and over 60 participants! 

Brazilian jiu jitsu seminar
Brazilian jiu jitsu classes in corona

Thank you coach Fabian Soto for hosting, looking forward for next time!

If you are interested please contact the organicers of the Escuela De Jiu Jitsu Camps:

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For your reservation we need:

  1. Full name

  2. Date of birth

  3. Address

  4. Your belt rank

  5. Name of your team and head instructor

  6. What techniques, lections aso would you like to attend at the camp?